How They Began

So, as I began re-reading Selling Retail, I kept thinking, "There should be an App for that." And I kept thinking of all the ways an App could streamline a lot of the processes in the book. And I kept worrying how John F. Lawhon (my father)  would feel about that...since staying true to his vision is my number one priority. I decided I would just have to find a way to have it all. The latest technology and integrity and the timeless truths of Selling Retail would be able to blend seamlessly. I would find a way. I would not give up. So, I didn't. Here, I will keep you updated on my process as a designer, and as a developer. I'll take you through how I am creating the Selling Retail App Suite so it has the feel of lounging in your living room, taking notes on your legal pad, while enjoying a bit of Lawhon humor, and then integrating the tools and extra "practice" you need and want when you get to work the next day after reading (and highlighting!) a chapter. (All Apps are available on the iPhone & iPad)

A Preview...

the selling retail app

What's Happening Now

I decided to move this to the blog to make it easier to keep you updated. So, you can see the latest there!


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