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The Book that
Started It All...
& now, we're designing an App for that!
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Transforming Ideas to Action

"John F. Lawhon is a master of compelling illustrations that transform powerful ideas into easy-to-follow instructions. Follow him, he's been there, and he knows the way!"

Vice President, Tandy Corporation

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If you want to be more professional, more time-efficient, and make more money as a salesperson in your company, then this book is for you!

BOOK 1Everything you need to know before you start the sale

BOOK 2  - Step-by-step guidance to--not only making a sale--but to get that customer to return to you to buy again and again.

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Both Selling Retail and The Selling Bible were only ever available in hardcover. Mr. Lawhon valued quality, and things which would last. He believed that you should be able to carry his book around every day for the next 40 years, and never have it wear out. We will continue to stand behind his philosophy.


In light of new electronic media and the ease of carrying a cell phone, we've now rolled out the e-book version (and supporting Apps are on the way) for Selling Retail & The Selling Bible (Furniture Facts E-Book coming soon!). The new hardcover includes notes from Mr. Lawhon's daughter, and references to the App's functions, and the original text remains intact, works!


We believe this is consistent with Mr. Lawhon's quality standards. If you would like to be notified when the Business Excellence Edition© is released, please enter your email below. We will email you once when the release date is set, and again when the apps and e-books are available for purchase. This is not a mailing list, and we won't see any email replies. If you have a story to share, requests, testimonials, or questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page. Thank you so much for your continued support, your integrity, and for your dedication to your customers.

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