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For People in the Business of Selling



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The Book that
Changed Everything...
would you like an App with that?

Primarily, The Selling Bible© is the guide for management and advanced salespeople who have read Selling Retail© and discovered that what Mr. Lawhon says to do works!


Automobile dealers, insurance companies, furniture companies, jewelers, realtors and many other industries have adopted the book and its teachings as their best practice. Whether you sell products, services, or yourself, this book provides a simple, easy to understand comprehensive plan for the business of selling.

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The Answers You Need

Why do some salespeople succeed beyond their wildest dreams while most who try selling either fail outright or simply struggle along for years, never achieving real success? The answers are here in a tested and proven plan that works for both individual salespeople and management in every field of selling.

Mr. John F. Lawhon

True Competitive Edge

The Selling Retail International System© works at Rooms to Go! For the price of an ad, you can improve your salespeople 52 weeks a year. The SRI™ System© gives us a true competitive edge in a highly competitive market. It works!

President, Rooms To Go

AVAILABLE IN HARDCOVER, and soon in E-BOOK, with SELLING RETAIL APP UPGRADE, AND PitBoS ACCOUNTING CARD (RoCC UP) UPGRADE (Audiobook being digitally remastered as we speak!)

Both Selling Retail and The Selling Bible were originally only available in hardcover. Mr. Lawhon valued quality, and things which would last. He believed that you should be able to carry his book around every day for the next 40 years, and never have it wear out. We will continue to stand behind his philosophy. Now, the most durable item in your hand is your iPhone. The e-book will also be updated online so you never have to worry if you have the latest edition. Not to mention, with the purchase of the book, you'll get exclusive access to the Selling Bible App upgrade, with extras like "Daily Revelations," "Notes," Quick Reference Selling Skills, and much more!


In light of new electronic media and the ease of carrying a cell phone, we are almost finished with our e-book version and supporting Apps! We believe this is consistent with Mr. Lawhon's quality standards and his wishes for the book to be available for reference at any moment. 


If you would like to be notified when the Business Excellence Edition© is officially released, please enter your email below. This is not a mailing list, and we won't see any email replies. For now, feel free to pre-order your copy!


If you have a story to share, requests, testimonials, or questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page. Thank you so much for your continued support, your integrity, and for your dedication to your customers.

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