5 Cartons of14 Selling Retail Books with 10% discount

With this purchase you get 70 first run copies of Selling Retail Business Excellence Edition--Updated and Annotated (+ All App Integrations noted).


Be sure to put correct shipping information as the book will ship directly from the printer (TPS) and we will send you your free month of the App the day they are released!

NOTE: You will pay book shipping, on checkout.  Media Mail USPS rate for US is around $50 per carton in the US. International rates vary and are higher. Other handling charges may apply during shipping calculation. We have had some issues with WIX Shipping Calculations, so we will contact you if the shipping calculations are not correct. You will be required to pay all shipping (if shopping cart didn't calculate it correctly), or will be refunded if overcharged, before books ship.

NOTE: the App will ONLY be available on iPhone & iPad. We will send you app codes/logins for each book when apps are live.

5 CARTONS of 14 Selling Retail BE Editions Ea