PRE-ORDER the all new, full color, gorgeous Furniture Facts Anniversary Edition! An Interior Designer's dream "desk book"...this coffee table artpiece is absolutely stunning: a white, embossed cover (a single color accent: the new signature Furniture Facts green bullet point), over 200 pages of full color references for everything home furnishings related. From full spread Timelines for the historical Periods and Styles of furniture, including quick reference tables for time periods & designs, chair styles, hardware, leg styles and more, to overviews of Construction, Sleep Furniture, Furniture Care, Accessories, and Room Design separated by page edge color "tabs". The final section hosts a slew of Furniture Terms, separated into subject-based glossaries like Flooring, Window Treatments, Upholstery & Drapery Fabrics, Furniture Woods, General Terms, and more! The entire book is cross-referenced, and the acknowledgements offers our extensive research, with links to the most accurate and thorough sites & books so you can continue to learn by deep diving into the best sources on any specific home furnishings topic you can imagine. Everyone who deals in Home Furnishings in any way, and all furniture aficionados will absolutely adore this masterpiece.


The new edition has been thoroughly updated to include: newer technology, materials, and terms, to deliniate outdated terms and techniques that are no longer used (though still vital in the world of antiques), to include color photos, sketches, & full color diagrams and tables, to cross-reference all terms, to provide more extensive visual glossaries, and to offer extensive "further reading" on all topics. This furniture overview is the only one in publication since the 1800's (in its current comprehensiveness for about 100 years), and to offer a complete and clear overview of all things "home furnishings."


Historically, Furniture Facts has always been a "portable handbook" guide to furniture, so if you would like the lay-flat spiral bound portable version, check out the Handbook on the products page. In the interest of handier cross referencing, animations, interactive timelines, and learning checks, check out the new ebook, also available for presale. Company discounts are available on all. Please contact us for details.


This Presale 100th Anniversary Coffe-Table Edition includes free-shipping in the US when the books finish the printing run, a free month subscription to the upcoming Furniture Facts App, and its Interior Design Upgrade, and of course, bragging rights! We expect this Anniversary Edition will be finished printing in late summer.

Canadian and International Customers will be billed separately for shipping.


For more pre-sale perks, please see the Furniture Facts page of this website.

PRESALE Furniture Facts 100th Anniversary Edition

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