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We are working on getting the Sales Education Systems updated and we are developing them to include state of the art technology and learning psychology. We are about to post tours of the Basic Sales Education System, Self-Competence Course, and Ultimate Agenda + Management Missives. Whether you've been using the system for years, or are ready to try the only retail sales & management education plans which guarantee your improvement when you follow them, these tours will show you what to expect with your system.

You'll be able to purchase and deploy the system right from our website...and view all your interactive workbooks and tools, audio and video, in your ebook reader. We have designed everything to work best on a Mac or iPad. Everything works well on iPhones too, the screens are just smaller and harder to read for some. If you use Apple Books to view your system documents and workbooks, you'll find amazing interactivity, extra's, and integration with the website and upcoming apps. We haven't tested or designed these for other epub readers so your best bet is to use Apple Books. Plus, this all integrates with Apple TV so you can share with the whole team in sales or management meetings.

Stay tuned for the first will be added to this post!

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