The E-Book Arrival

Wow. What an amazing journey. From editing the original text of both Selling Retail and The Selling Bible, to researching, checking stats, adding Lawhon thoughts, and coming up with a hundred ways to let you interact with it, I have never felt so competent in my life!

I really enjoyed putting together these ebooks. I added some video and audio from John F. Lawhon seminars and audio newsletters, I created animations to explain concepts, I made videos to clarify multi-step concepts, I made PDF's of all the "write this down's" so you could have a printout and customize it the way you'd like...

I spent at least 16 hours a day 7 days a week making sure everything in the e-books would make it easier for you to learn what you need to know to be successful in selling.

And it didn't feel like work one single day.


Because I had a personal goal! I knew where I was (nowhere LOL!) and I knew where I wanted to be (finished with two awesomely interactive e-books)! I had a plan to get there! And so everything I did productively toward my goal, I wanted to do! And, as I learned the software, my job got easier and easier, and I could do it in less and less time (is any of this ringing a bell?).

I know on the next e-book I create (Furniture Facts, in case you were wondering), I am going to FLY through it and it will be even more amazing. This is just another example of how when we do what the books say, when we set our goal and follow our plan, there is no way we can fail. Yes, for some, slower, for others faster, and for all, for certain. And, I just proved it (again, if you've read The Selling Bible's chapter on The Secret to Self-Motivation)!

So enjoy all the add-ons you get with the e-book and the online e-book extras! They'll truly help you learn even more of what you need to know (in less time). And please shoot us an email if you find anything you'd like to know more about, or if you find a mistake or glitch (you better not find a mistake!!! lol). My favorite part of carrying on the Lawhon Legacy is getting to talk with all of you and see what you think, what you'd change, and how you're coming along on your road to selling success.

This article was my break...and now, back to designing/coding the Apps so you can have them this summer, as promised! I'll take a break from them in a couple weeks so I can finish Furniture Facts and get the print and ebooks to you as soon as I possibly can (probably sooner, if I follow my plan ;-) !)

Thank you for being a part of this with me, and for being a professional in The Business of Selling.

-CC Lawhon


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