The Building of The Apps

The designs have morphed 5 times so's a snippet of how detailed each screen and each overlay has to be. These were the first renditions.

  1. You can see in a very early rendition how the drop down didn't work well because the top menu got cut off, and the resolution of the background was an epic fail.

  2. In the second picture, you see a later rendition, and just a tiny bit of the detail involved in laying out all the screens as "artboards." That doesn't show how you have to make each icon and text bit link to other parts of the app!

  3. The third picture is an early Furniture Facts glossary design attempt. There are over a thousand terms total in that book, and yes, each little circle will have a picture in it. Whew.

The Road to App Success

So, step 1, get a layout. Done.

Step 2, come up with a cohesive design. Done.

Step 3, figure out which software to use to do stuff.

Step 3B, try 18,000 till you find one that works. Done.

The software to design and code Apps has come a long way in the two years I have been learning how to do them. My first attempts were in Photoshop. Ugh. Then I tried it all in InDesign (the program I use to lay out the print books). Ugh time weird. I tried others along the way, like Mac Keynote, and Sketch, and SketchUp...while editing graphics and icons in Illustrator and Photoshop. Finally, I settled on Adobe XD. It is simple, clean, and user friendly--plus it pulls nicely from Ai and Ps!

Step 4, write stuff. Mostly Done.

A lot of stuff. Instructions, FAQ, pop ups, links, menu items, easter eggs (those are secret extras you find as you use the apps!!), Lawhon Loyalty Rewards, 365 Daily Revelations, and more.

Step 6, Design and build animations and videos and moving stuff. Mostly Done.

Next,it's time to create interactive animations like your coffee cup "motivations" and your road to selling success! Those are arduous and yet quite rewarding! I have a lot of fun with those!

Step 7, Finalize designs and transitions and navigation. Not Done.

Step 8, The Code Begins. Not Started. (Okay a little started, but I decided to get the ebooks and audio books out first.)

Once the design and transitions, animations, links, and user interface are complete, then, I will pull it all into Apple Developer's coding program called Xcode. There, I shall do the dirty work of linking reminders to follow up with customers to your iPhone calendars, popping up your iPhone calculator pre-populated with your sale items, having a pop-up ask if it's okay to play a snippet of John F. Lawhon Audio or use your camera to take a picture of your customer's favorite accessory, making sure your customer accounting cards have a database to store them (which I believe is officially located somewhere over the rainbow...I am putting my red shoes on now, Toto, because we are NOT in Kansas--or Oklahoma--anymore), and about a million other things!

Where Am I?

So, right now I am in the final design and content stages of all the Apps and upgrades: Selling Retail, The Selling Bible Upgrade, RoCC UP, and Furniture Facts. I am about 50% finished with Furniture Facts Interior Design Upgrade and the mini-apps on furniture woods, upholstery fabric terms, and more!

I am SO excited about these Apps...I just know you're going to love their features so much, and love the benefits of them--mainly that they make creating productive habits so much easier! And I pray you appreciate my Lawhon inherited sense of humor along the way ;-)

Thank you for being patient and for all your encouragement and support. Salespeople like you make the world a better place and I am honored to be able to make your lives a little easier.



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