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It is time.

John F. Lawhon Seminar

Today is the day.

After many years in person with my Mom & Dad, their legacy is now my family. Their brilliance and love caused me to value family above all else in this world, and so I bring to you, the iconic work of my father, John F. Lawhon, re-released in technicolor!

First, new hardcover books. SHIPPING IN LESS THAN 4 WEEKS!!!

Add in e-books, audiobooks, and MAY!!!

Then, Apps for that by summer!!!

Everything I can bring you of Mr. Lawhon's wisdom, I will, because it is the most-needed and most relevant information on Selling Retail available today. And, works!

YOU are the ones to honor his knowledge, his selling plan, and to reap the rewards for the rest of your lives, passing down its benefits to your many satisfied customers, and to your children and grandchildren. I can think of no greater honor than to serve you in this pursuit.

Thank you for your integrity, your determination, your enthusiasm, and for everything you do...

AND for your patience while I single-handedly learned what I needed to know to make this all possible.


CC Lawhon (daughter of Mr. John F. & Mrs. Catherine D. Lawhon)

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