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Updated: Mar 30, 2019

I am so excited to finally tell you about the Selling Retail Business Excellence Edition Apps! First, though, I want to consult YOU!

I'd love for any of you with ANY thoughts, revelations, suggestions, random ideas on what would help you most in your selling plan to speak up! We can still add just about any feature to any of the apps, so now is the time if you have something you WISH you had in your phone during your selling day!

So far, the first Selling Retail App is set in a gorgeous open floor plan home, and you begin this morning at the island kitchen bar with your selling tools in front of you...

- Daily Revelations (a calendar of daily exercises you can do to improve your sales)

- Sales Community (a chat room to discuss your triumphs and challenges as you develop your

selling plan--no losers in the lounge allowed--yes, we have hidden moles checking!)

- Motivations (stir your coffee, and get inspirational quotes from the book, or from our secret

JFL audio files, then save them or share them!)

A little scrolling with your finger reveals more of the kitchen and...

- Selling Steps Quick Reference

- Tools (like notes, sketchpad, photo folders, and more--add any of these to your portfolio)

- Road to Selling Success Portfolio (notes and more, customizable, with categories like

"customers" and "product knowledge" + export/share options)

-Quick Link to the ebook (if you own it)

-Quick Link to sketch

Then, you tap the note on the computer and see even more in the living room!

- Customer Service (What can we help you folks with today? Oh, you're just looking? Okay, well enjoy the app, and here's our email if you need anything!)

- News (get push notifications from this RSS feed, Twitter, & Facebook with the latest SRI info,

and exclusive in app bonuses and extras)

- Bookshelf/Store (yep, get books, fun stuff & more, right in the app)

- Gift (Selling Retail IS the gift that keeps on giving...)

- Secret Extras! (we developers call them Easter Eggs)

A slight scroll to the right reveals the television where you (or your 5 year old) have just won a video game...

- Lawhon Loyalty Rewards (solve your 9-Dot Puzzle by submitting Revelations and other tasks,

and get rewards like exclusive online webinar access, Lawhon Q&A, rare Lawhon materials, &


- Level UP (Upgrade to The Selling Bible Add-On (for the PitBoS's), RoCC UP, & more as they

become available)

-Shake-to-Share (a quick shake of your iPhone and you can share whatever moves you)

And of course you can always just swipe from the left to see the more traditional handwritten notebook word/icon menus!

Stay tuned for more on the Selling Bible and RoCC UP upgrades, the Furniture Facts App, the e-books, and the new hardbound Furniture Facts which is in and of itself a work of art!

Some early takes on the App design...

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