The Business Excellence Edition© IS HERE!

Finally after two years of deep and determined fires of self-motivation...the rolling release begins!!!

A look at your 2019

road to selling success


Check out this infographic from on training pitfalls & how to avoid them, then notice as you look at our brochures how SRI's Business Excellence systems prevent all the pitfalls—and actually guarantee your improvement.




Business Excellence Launch!

Imagine everything you loved about John F. Lawhon's books, audio, video, and workbooks updated for the technological revolution! It has officially begun! You can order your copies of the Business Excellence Edition HARDCOVER PRINT BOOKS NOW! Or get the Digital Multitouch Edition E-Books on Apple Books! And, Furniture Facts is now in Pre-Sale! Head to the store to pre-order the portable handbook, ebook, or gorgeous hard bound desktop art piece (aka book) now!

Next: Audiobooks, then Apps, Video, really amazing merchandise & much more! Plus, when you join the Revelation now, you can get perks like first editions, classic materials, free app access, Q & A with CC Lawhon, M.Ed. (Official Daughter of Mr. Lawhon himself!), free webinars and online web chat with some rare SRI material! 



The Iconic Release eBooks! (NOW!)

Get them on Apple Books!

New hardcover book exclusive first editions will ship to all our early bird supporters before being available to the public! Pre-sale supporters get your eBooks in April! Other perks for our pre-release campaign customers include Baby's First Customer Diaper Bag Set, and Business Excellence Edition Break Room Revelations Poster Series II! Packages (like The Old Ugly Dog Pack) plus Lawhon Wisdom on cool mugs, access to classic video and audio, visits from CC Lawhon, and more! You savvy supporters will also have exclusive early access to the Apps and Audiobooks next! Yep, you'll get yours before anyone else, AND it will be the official first edition!



Business Excellence Edition  AudioBooks  (Not Yet...)


AudioBooks INCOMING!

Finally! Audiobooks will be available to purchase streaming right here on the website! The Selling Bible, first, then a revised audiobook version of Selling Retail read by CC Lawhon. The Selling Bible is read by John F. Lawhon himself! Up next: The Selling Retail App Suite (with available upgrades to The Selling Bible, and RoCC-UP your amazing in App customer accounting card!). And don't forget the next round of releases...Furniture Facts! The "Work of Art" BE Edition Coffee Table Book, Furniture Facts "Portable Handbook," eBook and App Suite! And that's not all...




Business Excellence "But Wait, There's More" 

Summer & Fall

THE APP'S ON THE WAY! We also plan to release Business Excellence Editions   of many of Lawhon's package plans online this Fall. Namely, BE Basic Sales Education Plan (BE-SEP is only $100 to those who've purchased and read Selling Retail), The Ultimate Agenda and Management Missives (everything you need for new hires), and updated BE-SETS &  BE-METS  (Full Retail Sales Education & Training System and Full Management Education & Training System). Plus, the BE-TSS is in the works, our Total Solution System: integrated, on the floor, interactive video/audio/e-workbook training & education across the board for your entire retail store and/or company (yes, online businesses, too!). From Advertising to Employee Manual, TSS is everything you need. And, it pays for itself within months of implementing it!

But wait, there's more! Seminars, Live Streams, LEAN-Retail, Podcasts, iTunes University, or ??? What would you like to see us take on? Oh, the possibilities of Selling Retail Business Excellence! Let us know during the BE Campaign. You can even get a Dot towards completing your 9-Dot Puzzle in our App's Lawhon Loyalty Rewards Program by submitting your idea! If you do, you might just see it here in the Winter of '19!



Want More?

Up to You!

Guess who knows John F. Lawhon's core values, thought processes, teachings, and research better than anyone on the planet? ME--his daughter! So, we want to offer up our assistance if you would like some help implementing the plans set forth in the Lawhon legacy. We will accept requests for consulting on Selling Retail Business Excellence implementation beginning in September 2019. I will meet with you to assess your level of need, and determine if we can offer you further assistance. I look forward to working with owners and managers in a variety of industries who have fully implemented Selling Retail© and The Selling Bible's© plans, and are looking for a company wide Business Excellence System which includes Education & Training, Policies & Procedures, Lean Workplace, Quality Standards, and potentially Marketing, Branding (re-branding) & Advertising. Our industry experience is exceptional in all retail areas, and more! We have many clients in the corporate aerospace, retail and fleet automobile, retail jewelry, retail technology, insurance, interior design, and of course home furnishings industries.

*Why Apple Everything?

Because Apple holds the same core business values we do. 


They make great products which are: simple, easy to use, technologically accessible & functional for anyone, highly secure, privacy protected, customer-driven, well-made, long-lasting, seamlessly integrated with one another, and of exceptional quality. We like the idea that you can pay a little more for an Apple Product, and because it's so advanced and well-made, know it will last you for as long as you want it to (you'd buy about three of the other guy's products in that same time span). We like the idea that they build everything into their products (which mean less costs for their customers in: repair/identity theft/software/hardware upgrade/virus destruction/etc). We like that they protect us from spam, data use for ad targeting, computer viruses, piracy, and other forms of copyright infringement. We simply trust them. We believe in long lasting, quality products like Apple's, which is why you will only see our Apps, Audio, Video, and E-Books in the App Store & Apple Books, and you will only find our books in Hard Cover, and in unique designs of the highest quality. Finally, their Business Program ensures that you can get Business Discounts on our Apps & eBooks customized for your company training (when you purchase our Training & Education Systems store- or company-wide) pre-loaded on iPads for your salespeople & managers!