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You say your company is “customer driven” and your “metrics drive your progress.” Is that actually true?

How can you be sure when your customers rarely return to do business with you and your salespeople’s batting averages do not improve consistently? In this book John F, Lawhon redefines those phrases. With each chapter you will uncover the secrets behind these ideas so you can actually make them work for you. His simple, direct style leaves no questions about what to learn and do to become customer driven. 

Spoiler Alert: it’s not what you think.

Mr. Lawhon outlines a step-by-step plan for you and one for your salespeople. This plan guarantees that your salespeople continually LevelUP, and that your customers will return again and again–if you follow it religiously.

BONUS! You don’t need to be a trainer to follow it.


Lawhon 2.0 created this singular manual so managers could not only learn & apply, but also easily train their sales team, in John F.  Lawhon’s teachings. She breaks down each chapter into managable meeting topics, with a pacing guide, training tips, Business ExcellenceTM digital solutions, and more.


CC Lawhon, M.Ed.’s extensive background in education & training allowed her to create a book that contains both “train the trainer” and retail management best practices all in one! This edition is a streamlined version of the original Selling Bible. Lawhon 2.0 pared down that content to contain exactly what managers need in order to LevelUP their sales team.

“Your investment in the cost of this book is the full cost of the most valuable franchise ever offered. With this book you own the franchise. And because of that,  your commitment to The Business of SellingTM will guarantee your success beyond your wildest dreams.”

—John F. Lawhon

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