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J. Franklin Publishers was founded almost 30 years ago. It is the sole distributor for all Selling Retail International, Inc. Materials, Digital Media, Audiobooks, eBooks, and Books. It is the parent company for Selling Retail International, Inc. and is proud to announce CC Lawhon, M.Ed. (none other than John F. Lawhon's "Self-Motivated" Daughter) as the new CEO. She is honored to inherit her father's legacy, and promises to be our Lawhon 2.0 with an insistence on strict adherence to her father's values and business choices, original plans and systems, with the added benefit of her 25 + years of experience in technology, corporate psychology, and in the field of education. Ms. Lawhon will also continue her mother's legacy as Editor in Chief.


We are the exclusive publishers and distributors of John F. Lawhon's works, and the Furniture & Interior Design Industry standard: Furniture Facts. Currently we are expanding to include The Business Excellence Edition of Selling Retail, The Selling Bible, & Furniture Facts. From interactive education to audio & video, this new Suite is everything the modern retailer, salesperson, and interior designer needs to truly master their professions.

We welcome your input on these new editions. Please contact us using the form below with any ideas you have!

 NEW: Children's Literature Division 

Also, as of 2019, Ms. Lawhon is expanding J. Franklin to include animated and interactive digital Children's Literature. Ebooks underway in the CL division are: Echo-The Little Llama of Love & Light, Does it Hurt When a Leaf Falls?, How the Gypsy brought Color to the Kingdom (working title), and Would You Hold a Cricket for a Chameleon?  The CL division focuses on interactive reading for multiple learning styles. Selected stories include those which cause children (ages 3-8) to question their beliefs and ideas about themselves, and thus expand their sense of self-worth and ability. Though our target audience is young children, older children and adults will find these books just as engaging, as they open up meaningful discussions about kindness, personal accountability, and the joy of discovering who we are and our purposes in life. CL division stories offer open-minded perspectives on unconditional love, spiritual connection (without secular terminology), inner wisdom & empowerment, self-reliance, fostering curiosity &  personal growth, LGBTQ and diversity as norms rather than differences, as well as valuing one's own uniqueness & strengths, and those of others.


We are currently not accepting unsolicited CL division manuscripts. We will make it public when we are. We will not keep any submissions until that time (emails will be deleted without being read). Note that at that time, we will only be publishing interactive, illustrated & animated e-books with sound, and do not plan to publish print books.

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