E-Book Extras

Did you know that the multitouch digital books have loads of extra features (and benefits)? As you read, you'll start finding special links to extra materials! Just a few examples are:

  • Extensive learning assessments, to check your own progress and deepen your understanding of the "Why's" of selling

  • Printable & digital, customizable PDF downloads for everything from professional business cards to your Selling Plan

  • Movies and Interactives (with online links if you'd like to experience them on your computer)

  • Process Checklists

  • Selling Plan Calendars (.ics Files you can add right to your phone's calendar...with reminders as options!) COMING SOON!

  • ...and much more


If you haven't gotten the e-books yet, get them! You can GET THEM HERE and get to working your plan. Be the first to have access to the benefits of these extra selling tools!

You can find each book's "Extra's" page passwords in your E-Book!



App info (click the & of your book above)

Your App Login can be found on the "Extras" page of the book you bought. If you got both Selling e-books, and want to combine your 2 free months (as one month using both the Selling Retail App & The Selling Bible Upgrade together), use the Selling Bible page login generator.


If you want to try the Selling Retail App for a month, then add the Selling Bible Upgrade for another month, use the Selling Retail login generator on that page, then email us for a promo-code for a free month of The Selling Bible Upgrade. Upgrade in the App right before your free month of Selling Retail is up using the promo code (this will extend it a month and add the SB/RoCC content).

App Fine Print:

Remember, your App subscription will automatically renew at the regular price (via iTunes) after your free month is up, at whatever level you are on (Base SR App, SB Up, RoCC UP or, FF-Suite, FF-ID-UP, etc.). If you want to avoid this, set a reminder for the 30th day of the free trial, and go to your device settings, iTunes subscriptions, and cancel it that day. You can cancel a paid subscription anytime the same way. You won't be refunded, the recurring charge will end (and not renew) once you've reached the last day you've already paid for.


FYI we keep your App data for 3 months from the date of a lapsed subscription, so if you re-subscribe during that time, all your saved information, Loyalty Rewards, and RoCC Contacts, ID layouts, notes, sketches, learning levels, etc. will still be in there. If you re-subscribe after a three or more month break, you will have to start again.